What's The Advantage Of Renewable Energy?

So you want to know what is the advantage of renewable energy?

Thank you for visiting this page where you will learn about some obvious, and some not so obvious advantages of renewable energy.

Well, when using energy from sources that are easily replaced, you are using renewable energy.Examples are the use of sunshine, wind, flowing water, biological- and geothermal processes. They are often described as clean and green forms of energy because of their minimal environmental impact compared to fossil fuels.

One advantage of renewable energy therefore is the more sustainable use of finite sources of energy.

You probably are aware of that advantage already. But of course there is more. And by the way, there is much that you can do yourself about using renewable energy.

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No carbon-based planet warming and polluting

The advantage of renewable resources includes their inability to produce carbon-based warming and polluting agents into the atmosphere. The financial cost of its applications is not always cheap but if the environmental costs of using fossil fuels are accounted for, renewable energy wins hands-down. There are also indirect savings on health and its costs as there are no harmful emissions.

The great advantages of renewable energy then are:

  • We can use it repeatedly without depleting it.
  • No contribution to global warming,
  • No polluting emissions
  • Low cost applications when counting all costs
  • Saving on health and its costs

But there is still more.