Whats good for the environment is good for business

Support renewable energy and make world of difference for your business and the environment.

Join more than 15,000 other customers who support the growth of clean, renewable energy and preservation of our environment by participating in Second Nature. You don’t have to change your business to enroll, and it costs as little as $5 a month to make a world of difference.

When your business supports Second Nature, we’re able to buy and use more earth-friendly renewable energy, like wind and solar power, and less non-renewable resources, like coal, natural gas and nuclear.

Calculate your potential environmental impact

Every Second Nature customer helps build the demand for green energy, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and strengthen our domestic fuel base.

It’s just good business sense

Your support of renewable energy allows your business to:

  • Demonstrate a leadership role in your industry
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Add value to your brand and generate positive publicity
  • Promote socially-responsible business practices and consumer health

As a business customer, you have a unique opportunity to join Alliant Energy’s other business green energy buyers. Nationally, you’ll be among the ranks of companies like 3M, Sprint, Lockheed Martin, Good Earth Natural Foods and Starbucks Corporation in supporting the growth and purchase of green power.