CO2 - Reduction Part 3

Does your ride have a diesel engine?

If so, then you can likely convert it to run off of biodiesel. Biodiesel is a non-toxic, clean, and renewable fuel made from agricultural products

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Water heater hot?

Give it a blanket. If your hot water heater feels warm, then additional insulation will help save energy. Wrapping a blanket around your water heater reduces your energy use by up to 9%. A new blanket pays for itself in 1 year.

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Make your eyes as big as your stomach.

The average family of four wastes $600 of food a year. In addition to the unsavory price tag, food waste also contributes to pesticide pollution, fossil fuel use, deforestation, and water use.

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Plan driving ahead of time.

Gasoline made from fossil fuels is the largest man-made source of carcinogens and the leading source of toxic emissions, according to the . EPA. Instead of going on several trips, try to combine them. Combining trips can reduce gas consumption and emissions. And added bonus: your car runs most efficiently when it’s warm.

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Sun likes it hot.

Use the sun to heat living spaces and water with this highly efficient technology . Solar heating works with existing hot water, pool, and forced air systems. Find out who installs systems in your area. Federal and state incentives reduce their price.

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